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Our auction software is a real time fully functional and self contained package which allows you to have a very professional online auction web site. Our software is designed to be very user friendly, all features are set by running one setup program. We believe once you see all the features this software has to offer you would not be surprised to have to pay many hundreds if not thousands of pounds. Your in for a nice surprise..

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We have a FREE demo version of the software available (some functions disabled) which you can try on your own server. DOWNLOAD


Please feel free to try out the software by using the demo links at the top of this page.


Any questions - see the frequently asked questions (FAQ) link at the top of this page.


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Standard Auctions

Allows the user to post items in standard auction format i.e. highest bidder wins. The user has the option of setting a reserve price.

Dutch Auctions

Allows the user to post items in dutch auction format i.e. Single or multiple items for a fixed price.

Buy it Now Auctions

Allows the user to post items in standard auction format with the option of setting a buy it now price.

Buyer & Seller Feedback

Based on the Positive, Neutral, Negative format. Users can view feedback from sellers only, buyers only, positive only, neutral only or negative only.

Your Auctions

Users can view all their activity in one place. Shows a summary page or view all activity, view sold items, view won items, view items your watching, view items your tracking, view unsold items and items you can re-list

My Page

Users can create a personal page using the built in generator.

My Store

Users can create a store using the built in generator. All items the user has listed will be displayed here.

Featured Stores

Users can feature their stores on the homepage.


3 message board style community forums, covering General, Buying & Selling & Support.


Search facility to find items by keywords, price, location, item number, or user name.

E-Mail Notification

Emails notification for posted items, bought items, bid confirmation for buyer and seller, outbid notification. Item ended notification, Item re-listed notification.

Automatic Re-List

Users have the option of having their item automatically re-list if not sold.

Browse Auctions

Browse auction items by type including :- Featured, Dutch, New, Buy it Now, Hot, Closing soon etc.

Currency Conversions

Set up to 3 currencies to convert item auction/shipping price on item listing.

Site Map

Site Map with links to all software features.

Automatic Login

Users can use a 'cookie' login to save having to enter their username and password while navigating the site.


This can be set to use most world currencies.

Unlimited Categories

There is no limit to the number of categories / sub categories etc.


Users have the option of uploading images from their computer, specifying image url's or including images in their item description.

Home Page Featured Auctions

This software supports home page featured auctions, both text and image

Edit Auction Items

Users are able to edit, end early or delete their auction item listing depending on whether the item has bids.



Advertising Maintenance

View all the advertising banners on your site along with the posters Alias

User Maintenance

Edit/Delete/View/Suspend/Reinstate Registered Users

Credit/Delete/invoice Users Accounts

Item Maintenance

Edit/Delete/Move Auction Items

E-Mail Maintenance

Ban/View/E-Mail Services/Addresses of your choice from registering

IP Maintenance

Ban/View/IP Addresses of your choice from registering